Every year there are many cases of illegal dumping of gas cylinders in landfill waste and public areas, not only does this affect our environment it’s also very dangerous as it can leak, explode and cause physical and toxic harm to our bodies. In order to prevent this and help maintain our “Clean Green Kiwi” image we will take in any old and unwanted cylinders free of charge and do our part to help our environment.

For Landfills / Scrapyards and Council facilities:

Every month we do a special run that covers most of the north island just to pick up old and unwanted cylinders. In order to reduce waste and to help spread the word we come and pick up from your business for free!



For house hold and local community:

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you guys too, in order to help out the local community to recycle old cylinders there are two ways you can dispose of your old cylinders

1) (click here) drop off to your local Mata Gas station (attach locations and opening hours)