Here at Mata Gas we have the capability to inspect and test a large range of pressure vessels thanks to our newly opened branch in Manukau and at our Onehunga branch as well.

We are the only company that has the laboratory in New Zealand that can test Proof and Hydro stretch tests up to 70000KPa (10000 psi) using a water jacketed rig to test fiber-wrapped breathing apparatus(BA) cylinders, SCUBA cylinders, life raft cylinders, oxygen cylinders and air receivers.

We also test custom-built cylinders and newly imported cylinders, pipes, valves, hydraulic and air hoses making sure they comply with the New Zealand safety regulations.



                Here are a few things we can test:

                * LPG and CNG cylinders up to 3000L WC

                * LPG and CNG automotive Cylinders

                * Refrigerant drums and other liquefied gas cylinders

                * Oxygen, SCUBA and other breathing air cylinders

                * Low and high pressure fire extinguishers

                * Custom made cylinders and tanks

                * Pipes hoses and valves

                * Stainless steel tanks



To ensure we provide the accurate and reliable information to our customers we make sure all our equipment is regularly calibrated by specialist.

We undertake testing using effective and efficient internal processes to ensure our quality standards are attained. Each job is tracked and every reconditioning and refurbishment stage is checked. A certificate of completion is provided for customers complete with our warranty for work completed

By maintaining and refurbishing existing cylinders and getting them filled by us, our local customers reduce the need to buy brand new cylinders.