Cylinder Re-fill & Delivery

Need to Refill your BBQ Cylinder?   Need to Refill your Forklift Cylinder?   Want to keep your LPG Cylinder?

Need to Refill your BBQ Cylinder?
Need to Refill your Forklift Cylinder?
Want to keep your LPG Cylinder?

We are one of NZ's Largest onsite LPG Supplier. We can Refill your Cylinders while you wait.

Just drop into any one of our locations in Auckland and Christchurch, convenient to you. Our trained professionals will first perform a Visual Cylinder Inspection. And safely refill your LPG Cylinder, while you wait. The whole process should take no more than 5 minutes.

On-Site Filling
Re-fill at Matagas Branches
  • 9KG BBQ
  • 15 KG Forklift
  • Any Size
  • Drive in
  • Cylinder Re-filled While you Wait

BBQ 9KG $30 Incl GST

Guaranteed Lowest LPG Re-Fill price
Keep you Existing Cylinder
Home/Business Delivery
Home/Business Delivery
  • 9KG BBQ
  • 15KG Forklift
  • Any Size
  • Delivered to your Home or Business
  • Any Qty or Cylinder Size
  • Cylinder Exchange Pricing

BBQ 9KG $30 Incl GST

Flat Rate Delivery Fee $10

Receive Cylinders right to your Home or Business
No more driving around to a gas station
Flat Rate Delivery Fee
Convenient Payment Options
Drop into any one our
three locations
A trained professional performs Visual Cylinder Inspection
Cylinder filled
while you wait
Convenient Payment Options.
Efpos / Visa/ Cash

Guaranteed Lowest Price on

  • LPG Cylinder Swap
  • LPG Cylinder Re-Fill

Drive through, while you wait!

At any Matagas Branches..

Disposal Options

Visual Cylinder Inspection

All LPG Cylinders will undergo a simple visual inspection prior to being filled. This exterior inspection is performed on all bottles regardless of size or type.

  • Damage to the cylinders exterior including dents, bulges or cracks on the container's surface
  • Excessive rust or corrosion on the cylinder, particularly on the bottom of the bottle
  • Absence and condition of a cylinder foot ring, cylinder collar, or valve cover
  • The date the cylinder was manufactured or last re-certified
  • Required cylinder markings and readability

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