Forklift Cylinder Exchange Program

If your business uses LPG Gas forklift cylinders, our forklift cylinder exchange may be a good fit for you. Our forklift cylinder exchange program is a safe & convenient way to maintain full cylinders at your workplace. MataGas can keep your business and your forklifts rolling at all times. Don’t let a lack of timely fuel deliveries let your operations grind to a halt.

Competitive Pricing
Same or Next Day Business Delivery
Easy Online Ordering
Flexible Payment Options
World Class Safety
Confirms to Gas Regulations
Things to Consider
If you are having your cylinders refilled on site, Does your insurance cover the handling of LPG? Are there any risks with transferring LPG on site?

With MataGas LPG Cylinder Exchange Program

  • The cost may be less than you are paying now
  • No transfer of LPG takes place at your business, which could lower your insurance costs and is safer for everyone at your worksite.
  • We provide the extra cylinders needed for the exchange program.
  • MataGas will usually offer Same-Day or Next Business Day deliveries, to ensure that you don’t run out, thereby saving you time and money.
Things to Consider

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