Cylinder Re-Fill

Want to keep your LPG Cylinder? No problem.

Just drop into any one of our locations in Auckland and Christchurch, convenient to you. Our trained professionals will first perform a Visual Cylinder Inspection. And safely refill your LPG Cylinder, while you wait. The whole process should take no more than 5 minutes. If you are in a rush, you can also opt to swap with a pre-filled cylinder for the same price.

Drop into any one our
three locations
A trained professional performs Visual Cylinder Inspection
Cylinder filled
while you wait
Convenient Payment Options.
Efpos / Visa/ Cash

Guaranteed Lowest Price on

  • LPG Cylinder Swap
  • LPG Cylinder Re-Fill

Drive through, while you wait!

At any Matagas Branches..

Disposal Options

Visual Cylinder Inspection

All LPG Cylinders will undergo a simple visual inspection prior to being filled. This exterior inspection is performed on all bottles regardless of size or type.

  • Damage to the cylinders exterior including dents, bulges or cracks on the container's surface
  • Excessive rust or corrosion on the cylinder, particularly on the bottom of the bottle
  • Absence and condition of a cylinder foot ring, cylinder collar, or valve cover
  • The date the cylinder was manufactured or last re-certified
  • Required cylinder markings and readability

If the cylinder fails visual inspection, it is strictly for safety & compliance, in the consumers best interest.


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